Introduction to the internet Bond-energy Databank

The internet Bond-energy Databank (pKa and BDE)-iBonD is a user-friendly internet-based databank of homolytic and heterolytic bond dissociation energies, constructed by the bond energy team at Tsinghua University and Nankai University, China. The first edition iBonD 1.0 now contains more than 22,000 equilibrium acidity constants (pKas) for about 14,000 compounds in various solvents, which is the heretofore most comprehensive data collection and will be updated routinely. The second edition iBonD 2.0 that incorporates most of the available homolytic bond dissociation enthalpy (BDE) data is under construction and will be uploaded soon.

   The iBonD is provided free of charge for non-profit making academic use only. Whenever applicable, the users of the iBonD are requested to cite this website in their publication/presentation as following: Internet Bond-energy Databank (iBonD) Home Page. or All rights are reserved by the iBonD team.

   Feedbacks from users are highly valuable for improving the iBonD and will be most appreciated. 

   Contact information: Dr. Jin-Dong Yang

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At a glance: 22,500 pKa 20,000 BDEs